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About us

About us

Shanghai Hoping Co.,Ltd.was established in 2007,It is a professional biochemicals manufacturer and supplier in China. Hoping develops many kinds of active substances, key intermediates and reagents which are being widely used in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, cosmetics, molecular biology and food industry as well.
Hoping specializes in Nucleosides , Nucleotides and their analogues. We offer more than 100 products including various kinds of RNA, DNA, ATP,CMP,COENZYME A, CDP-C'.
All the products have been applied in the worldwide pharmaceutical company, biotechnology company, diagnostics company, cosmetics company and food company. Famous for its reliable quality products and excellent services. Hoping enjoy a good popularity among our l customers in the past years and also establish a collaborative relationship with several famous companies in the world.
Hoping's main strength is not only to supply high quality products to our customers but also continuously develop advanced technology and special items to meet our customers specific requirements. Hoping dedicate itself to take lead in Nucleic Acid Biochemistry and develop win-win strategy with our global customers in the future.

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